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From concept to finished product, we give you access to our full-service support, enabling you to unlock new levels of creativity and experimentation.

Expert Advice, Limitless Imagination

Our seasoned experience in the industry can help you realize your vision. By leveraging our expertise in market developments, new and emerging technologies, and fabrics that meet ESG criteria, we can recommend the best fabrics for your requirements.




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Unlocking Creativity Through Collaboration

Design / Trend Advisory

Our teams are seasoned advisors of the latest market demands, and we constantly research what the latest trends are in-stores throughout the world, so we always know what's new and trending.

Technical Innovation Advisory

With established relationships with material and chemical suppliers, we have access to the latest innovations that support biodegradability, less hazardous chemicals, and more efficient processes. With our outstanding R&D background, we can explore the limits of fabrics and blend unique yarns together to produce great performance and handfeel. 

Create Collaboratively with our World-class Design Team

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Decades of industry know-how. Our R&D team has an outstanding track record of advising and supporting you in your collections.

Limitless Creativity

With expertise and facilities in yarn production, we can achieve differentiated properties, desired textures and value-added features.

Market Insights

As seasoned advisors of the latest market demands, you will have access to the latest market trends in-store, globally.

From Idea to Full Collection

Our full service fabric collection development process allows for creativity and experimentation, bringing your ideas to life.
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Idea & Design

Develop styles that are ahead of the market, pushing the limits of what you thought was possible, while blending new and exciting trend and technical innovations.
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Research & Development

Extensive R&D experience and well-established relationships with material suppliers, we are able to provide the latest innovations that support ESG criteria.
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With three manufacturing locations, we can meet your requirements in large quantities, from around the world
Winnitex's woven fabric storage facilities

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some of the most commonly asked questions. If you have other questions, please reach out to us here. We are here to support you. 

What is your development process like?

We emphasize collaboration throughout our process - we listen to your needs and requirements and explore which options in our library are most appropriate. In the event that what we want to create is truly unique, we can create some options from scratch.

How quickly can you turn a concept into sample yardage?

A fabric sample can be produced in as little as six to eight weeks from the time of concept. Ordering specialized materials may require additional time.

How traceable are your fabrics?

Winnitex’s self-developed traceability and ERP systems can track fiber to finished fabric, including processes and chemistries. The mills keep fabric roll head ends and test specimen for easy review. Learn more on our Transparency & Traceability page.

What certifications do you have?

Some of our certifications include: GOTS (Global Organic Textile Standard), GRS (Global Recycle Standard), OCS (Organic Content Standard), RCS (Recycle Content Standard), Oeko-tex 100 Class II, WRAP (Worldwide Responsible Accredited Production), ISO9001, ISO14001, C-TRAT (US Customs and Border Protection), Higg Index FEM & VFEM (facility environment module), ZDHC Supplier to Zero (foundation level), Clean by Design Environmental Improvement Program, Cotton USA, Cotton Leads, Better Cotton Initiative, Cotton Made in Africa, SUPIMA, US Cotton Trust Protocol. Learn more on our ESG & Impact page.
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