Leading the way in transparency & traceability

Winnitex is committed to responsible procurement and the highest quality goods. With our robust digital internal system, we are capable of mapping and documenting the entire supply chain from finished fabric back to cotton origin.
Transparency and traceable fabric storage solutions

From fiber to finished fabric

Winnitex’s state-of-the-art traceability and ERP systems can track and document fiber to finished fabric, including processes and chemistries. The mills keep fabric roll head ends and test specimen for easy review.

Ubiquitous Information for Everyone

Winnitex's proprietory traceability system

Traceability Technology

Winnitex’s proprietary traceability system is unparalleled and best-in-class. Each unique bar code on the finished fabric roll provides accurate and detailed tracing of the whole manufacturing journey.
Cotton bubs in front of woven fabrics

Full Visibility with Focus on Transparency

Knowing everything there is to know about the products we make and sell is important to you and to us. As we naturally keep track of all the inputs and processes involved in making our products, we also keep track of all the data and information available.

Vertical Integration for Full Control Over the Fabric Production Process

Winnitex has complete control of fabric production process, and can trace its products back to the raw material source, enabling you to be fully transparent and confident about your products.
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Having complete control over yarn quality allows us to continuously expand and improve our product offerings.
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Our weaving mills can design and engineer starting from greige to produce high-performance fabrics.
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Dyeing & Finishing

Over 27,000 styles of fabrics have been designed and produced, each with a variety of dyeing and finishing techniques.

A wide range of high-quality Fabrics

Unique and tailored fabric solutions for a wide variety of uses. Have special requests? Customized products are available based on your preferences.
Team support for questions client has about product

Speak to our Fabric Experts

Looking for support in realizing your vision for your upcoming collection? Reach out today to our team of R&D, fabric development, and traceability experts. 
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Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some of the most commonly asked questions. If you have other questions, please reach out to us here. We are here to support you. 

Why is traceability and transparency so important?

Winnitex has been committed from our very beginning to providing customers with the highest quality fabrics and trace back our manufacturing steps for quality control and production monitoring. With the growing demand by consumers to know what is in their products and legislation around the world that requires clear traceability, Winnitex has made further investments and improvements to our high-standard traceability protocols to provide customers with peace-of-mind and the detailed documentation necessary to respond to customer and legal demands. Learn more about our ESG & Impact here.

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