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Winnitex is a leading global manufacturer of high-quality woven textile fabrics, primarily engaged in fabric design, manufacturing, sales, and distribution.
As a family-found business, Winnitex began in 1964 in Hong Kong with 50 employees. Today, Winnitex employs over 3,000 people globally, providing dyed woven fabrics to customers around the world.  With production facilities strategically located in China, Vietnam and Central America, Winnitex is a global leader in the dyed woven fabric industry.


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Winnitex's storage facility after woven fabrics are produced


Founded in 1964 as a small commission dyeing house in Hong Kong, Winnitex turns 60 this year and has since evolved into the global strategic textile partner it is today.


Winnitex's decades of experience is a testament to the values instilled in the company, transcending management and affecting every person in the organization.
Winnitex's first manufacturing location in Hong Kong


Hing Fung Printing and Dyeing Factory Ltd. was established in Tsuen Wan, Hong Kong by the late Mr. T.C. Wai (Father of present Winnitex CEO, Mr. Jacob Wai). Hing Fung was Winnitex’s first production mill and started with just 8 small jigger dyeing machines, running about 72,000 yards per month. Within a year, Hing Fung expanded to 30 larger jigger dyeing machines, with a monthly capacity of 2 million yards.


To satisfy our business’ rapid growth, we installed high efficiency continuous dye machines. We were the first in Hong Kong to offer wide-width dyed fabrics to our customers. With our existing jigger dyes and our continuous dyeing lines, our capacity increased to 3.2 million yards per month.


Opened a weaving factory with shuttleless looms. We saw the need to expand upstream in the supply chain to ensure the quality of the greige fabric that goes into our dyeing and finishing.


Zhejiang Hing Fung Weaving, Dyeing & Printing Co., Ltd. was established in Xiaoshan, Zhejiang, China. Winnitex was also the first foreign investor in Zhejiang Province and imported Italian weaving looms and Japanese dyeing machines to set up a state-of-the-art production facility.
Winnitex's old factory location in Hong Kong back in the 80s.


Zhejiang Qing Mao Weaving, Dyeing & Printing Co. Ltd. was established in Shaoxing, Zhejiang, China. Shaoxing was a strategic location for its proximity to Shanghai and Ningbo ports and our Xiaoshan mill.


Winnitex again expanded upstream. We opened our own spinning facility and imported the latest Swiss, Japanese and German spinning machines. Our own spinning allowed us to control quality from yarn to finished product and made our R&D and products more versatile.


Texhong and Winnitex formed a joint venture in late 2018. The newly formed JV brought together Texhong's Vietnam and Central America woven production mills and Winnitex's China mill. With Winnitex's long history and expertise in woven textiles, the JV is independently managed and operated by Winnitex from raw material sourcing to sales to mill operations. This exciting milestone expanded Winnitex’s production capacity and global presence.


The COVID-19 pandemic was challenging for everyone. Our number one priority was to keep our workers safe. Winnitex quickly decided to make the best out of the situation by focusing on upgrading and expanding our facilities, with a strong optimistic view on the long-term future.

Fun Facts about Winnitex

Winnitex's logo is a combination of the letters W, T and C. It stands for Winnitex Trading Company, our first Hong Kong trading company. It is also the initials of our founder Mr. Wai T.C.

There is another hidden meaning in Winnitex's logo. It depicts an image of a bat. The Chinese word for bat (蝠) is pronounced the same as the Chinese character for good fortune (福).

The town chosen for our first China production mill, Xiaoshan in Zhejiang Province, has sentimental significance to the Wai family because it is the founder's hometown where he grew up.

Historically, Shaoxing in Zhejiang Province was famous for the manufacturing of yellow wine, textile dyeing and soy sauce using earthen vats. Today, Shaoxing is still famous for their yellow wine and textile industry.


Keeping high standards for customer service, R&D, quality, environmental sustainability, and social responsibility is what drives Winnitex.
Regardless of the landscape of the industry, Winnitex is committed to being reliable and responsible. Our values and integrity remain unwavering.
Winnitex's woven fabrics storage facility in one of their textile mills

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