With state-of-the-art production facilities in China, Vietnam and Central America, Winnitex is a globally positioned leader in the woven fabric industry.
Winnitex's factory setting in one of the mill locations

Operational Excellence

The manufacturing bases of Winnitex are strategically located in China, Vietnam, and Central America to integrate and complement our customers’ supply chains. We benefit from proximity to garment manufacturing hubs, nearshore to market and duty-free access.

Vertically Integrated Fabric Production

Cotton bub, raw material

Our Fibers

Winnitex fabrics contain cotton that was produced to the highest standards in terms of not only quality, but also environmental and social responsibility. We use predominantly U.S. cotton, and all our products are compliant with social and environmental laws in our customers’ markets. Our robust digital traceability system is capable of tracing finished fabric to cotton origin. Learn more transparency and traceability.
Textile manufacturing loom being managed by colleagues

Our Spinning

Winnitex is set up with a strong range of spinning options including airjet, rotor and ring. Being vertically integrated means that we control and oversee the full process - from yarn to finished fabric - ensuring the highest quality.
Textile manufacturing loom facilities

Our Weaving

Winnitex has the unique advantage of weaving all our own greige. We are able to produce a wide weight range, from shirt weight 3 oz/sq.yd to heavy outerwear 16 oz/sq.yd. and yarn counts from 4S to 80S. Additionally, we manufacture multi-fiber fabrics.
Textile manufacturing at a woven fabric mill

Our Dyeing

Winnitex began with our roots in dyeing. This is where our know-how and experience set us apart. We are known for our consistent quality and being able to work with complicated multi-fiber and innovative fabrications. All of our dyeing operations are completed in-house.
Winnitex employees managing equipment at the textile factory mill locations

Our Finishing

Dyeing is a science and finishing is an art. Each fabric can be made versatile by customizing the finishing to give it a different function, handfeel and end use. Customized products are available based on client seasonal collections. Through supplier and customer collaborations and internal R&D, our fabric library has grown to hold more than 27,000 unique fabric styles and 98,000 unique fabric profiles. These include a vibrant assortment of fabric specifications, woven designs, raw materials, dyeing and finishing techniques.

Quality Control and Management

In all factories, fabric testing is done in-line and after the fabric is finished at our in-house accredited testing laboratory. Our accredited laboratory is equipped to perform most physical, chemical, and performance finishing tests in the industry. Our equipment is well maintained and periodically calibrated. All fabrics are reviewed, tested and approved by highly trained staff before shipment. Our labs are operated uninterrupted 24 hours a day, seven days a week.
Winnitex's woven textiles factory
Our products are consistently high-quality because we take pride in our products. Delivering quality is ingrained in our management and cover the selection of qualified suppliers, inspection of raw materials, adherence to meticulous manufacturing protocols and stringent testing and quality control. We do not take shortcuts when it comes to quality.
Winnitex's employees doing lab testing for woven fabrics
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