Taking responsibility For ESG & IMPACT

As a key player in the global textiles industry, Winnitex aims to contribute to the establishment of a responsible textile supply chain.
Fabrics for the next generation

Fabrics for the next Generation

To prolong Winnitex's fabric life, we continuously work to improve our products across a range of ESG criteria to produce high-quality fabrics.


Environmental Responsibility
It is Winnitex's duty to prevent and alleviate environmental damage that may be caused by any of our commercial activities.


Social Responsibility
Winnitex believes that economic growth must be balanced with social and environmental welfare.


Chemical Management
As part of Winntex's modern and robust chemical management system, we consider not only the chemicals but also their potential effects on human health and the environment.
Winnitex employees doing quality and colour control on their woven fabrics

Our Certifications

ISO 9001

This standard is based on a number of quality management principles including a strong customer focus, the motivation and implication of top management, the process approach and continual improvement.

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ISO 14001
Environmental management systems

International standard that provides a framework for effective environmental

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Oeko-tex 100 Class II

Global standardized quality assurance system that focuses on textiles products. It tests for harmful substances in textiles commonly found is REACH/CPSIA & GB18401 requirements

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Higg Index

An assessment tool that standardizes the measurement and evaluation of environmental performance like energy and water water, wastewater discharge, etc

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Higg Index

Standardized measurement of overall social labor practices. It tracks and assess performance to help ensure workers have safe and fair labor conditions

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Social Accountability International

Leading global social certification standard that measures social performance. The Standard reflects provisions from ILO and UN's Universal Declaration of Human Rights

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Global Organic Textile Standard

Sets requirements concerning working and social conditions based on the key norms of ILO, UNGPs and OECD

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Global Recycle Standard

Sets requirements concerning working and social conditions based on the key norms of ILO, UNGPs and OECD.

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Not specifically focused on social labor practices, but CTPAT is a U.S. CBP program that ensures secure supply chains for goods entering US borders

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ZDHC Supplier to Zero

Foundational level with entry to ZDHC Gateway Chemical Management System

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ZDHC ClearStream

Globally-accepted wastewater reporting and benchmarking management

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Our Proactive Initiatives

Cotton bub, raw material

Raw Material Policy

Winnitex fabrics contain cotton that was produced to the highest standards in terms of not only quality, but also environmental and social responsibility. We use predominantly U.S. cotton, and all our products are compliant with social and environmental laws in our customers’ markets. Our robust digital traceability system is capable of tracing finished fabric to cotton origin. Learn more transparency and traceability.
Reducing carbon footprint with the carbon leadership project

Carbon Leadership Project

Winnitex is a proud participant of the Carbon Leadership Program. This program brings together action-oriented brands in the apparel industry to accelerate the implementation of their supply chain carbon targets, while also standardizing approaches with their suppliers so that they can be replicated by the rest of the industry.
Supporting and coming into an agreement

Winnitex's Code of Conduct

We take our customer's confidence in us extremely seriously. Winnitex determined early on that it is critical to minimise exposure to risks that comes with relying blindly on third-party data and evaluations. We therefore created our own Code of Conduct to ensure that our customers and our own business is protected against risks on all fronts.

Our Code of Conduct sets fair and safe working environment for our employees. All of Winnitex's suppliers have to comply with our Code of Conduct.
Making sure laboratories are safe with testing

Winnitex's Restricted Substance List (RSL)

We continuously maintain and manage our own Restricted Substance List to protect the environment and people. Our consolidated approach to regulations and policies across different parts of the world has been developed over many years, and continue to adopt new and evolving best practices.

Our RSL initiative is a self-declaration program for all chemical suppliers working with Winnitex.
Water droplets on water resistant woven fabric

Safe PFAS-Free Finishings

PFAS (per- and polyfluoroalkyl substances) are manmade chemicals with environmental and human side effects. Winnitex offers a safe PFAS-free alternative that does not sacrifice the water or soil repellent functionality.

Vertical Integration for Full Control Over the Fabric Production Process

Winnitex has complete control of fabric production process, and can trace its products back to the raw material source, enabling you to be fully transparent and confident about your products.
Yarn Icon


Having complete control over yarn quality allows us to continuously expand and improve our product offerings
Icon for Weaving


Our weaving mills can design and engineer starting from greige to produce high-performance fabrics
Icon for Dyeing & Finishing

Dyeing & Finishing

Over 27,000 styles of fabrics have been designed and produced, each with a variety of dyeing and finishing techniques

A wide range of high-quality Fabrics

Unique and tailored fabric solutions for a wide variety of uses. Have special requests? Customized products are available based on your preferences.
Team support for questions client has about product

Speak to our Fabric Experts

Looking for support in realizing your vision for your upcoming collection? Reach out today to our team of R&D, fabric development, and traceability experts. 
Speak to an expert

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some of the most commonly asked questions. If you have other questions, please reach out to us here. We are here to support you. 

What fibers and finishing does your production facilities handle?

Our dyeing processes are built for a range of fibers, such as cotton, cotton blends, stretch fibers, linen, and lyocell, as well as 100% synthetic materials, such as polyester and nylon. We offer mechanical and chemical finishing, as well as functional finishing. Learn more on our facilities page.

Do you offer fiber and chemical alternatives with less impact on the environment?

Yes, we can suggest alternatives or you can request us to use specific fibers and chemicals, like going from regular cotton to BCI or organic, or virgin polyester to recycled polyester. Speak to one of our experts for more information.

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