May 1, 2023

Winnitex Signs AAFA/FLA Apparel and Footwear Industry Commitment for Responsible Recruitment

In March 2023, the American Apparel & Footwear Association (AAFA) and the Fair Labor Association (FLA) re-launched a joint initiative to address the issue of forced labor risks for migrant workers in apparel, footwear, and travel goods supply chains. As a signatory to AAFA/FLA’s Commitment to Responsible Recruitment, Winnitex pledges to play its part in ensuring ethical recruitment practices are observed throughout its supply chain.

Our commitment to responsible recruitment goes beyond becoming a signatory. It takes continuous effort and proactive initiatives to bring about meaningful change, and this has always been Winnitex's drive.

Source: Winnitex

Winnitex is actively involved in different social and compliance initiatives, such as the Social & Labor Convergence (SLCP), SA8000 and brand social and workplace compliance programs. We also work with industry experts to identify and address any potential forced labor risks. This includes the use of traceability tools and regular monitoring and auditing of our partners’ and suppliers' recruitment processes.

Nevertheless, responsible recruitment is more than compliance and risk management. It's about promoting a culture of respect and dignity for all workers, regardless of their background or nationality. To this end, we have also been actively involved in promoting awareness and education on ethical recruitment practices within our own organization, as well as among our suppliers and other stakeholders in the industry.

Source: Winnitex

We recognize that responsible recruitment is a complex and ongoing challenge, but we remain committed to making a positive difference in the lives of workers in our supply chain. As a signatory to AAFA/FLA’s Commitment to Responsible Recruitment, we stand ready to work with like-minded companies and organizations to drive change and build a more sustainable future for the industry.

Learn more about the AAFA/FLA Commitment to Responsible Recruitment here:

Winnitex's Editorial Team
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