August 30, 2022

Winnitex is partnering with CHT Group to develop fabric

The transformation from a linear economy to a circular economy is a vital process that requires cross-industry collaboration. Winnitex is partnering with CHT Group to develop fabrics by using CHT’s ECO ranges portfolio of innovative and credible auxiliaries. The beginning of the partnership with Winnitex will be marked by the use of CHT’s TUBINGAL® RISE.

TUBINGAL® RISE is the first fabric softener based on recycled silicone.

By doing this, the CHT Group is supporting the SDGs (Sustainable Development Goals) of the United Nations and underlining its own commitment to sustainability with the development of a sustainable and eco-friendly softener.

Softener is one of the main finishing agents used in woven fabric manufacturing. TUBINGAL® RISE - made of more than 60% recycled and reprocessed silicone waste and renewable bio-based emulsifiers has now been made available to the market. The eco-friendly softener brings improved sewability and increased tear resistance to fabrics.

“This partnership is exciting because when it comes to sustainability, the focus is usually on sustainable materials. But chemicals and dyestuff are also integral components in fabric production,” said Lachlan Lau, a senior sales manager who has worked with Winnitex for more than ten years. “We are so excited to incorporate this eco-friendly, recycled silicone softener into our fabrics and offer it to our retail brand and workwear customers.”

The CHT Group, headquartered in Tübingen Germany, is a global player for sustainable and highly innovative specialty chemicals. For almost 70 years the company has developed to a worldwide operating group with focus on smart chemicals as function generators, auxiliaries and additives for industrial processes. The CHT Group is a leading reference for sustainable specialty chemicals and is globally enabling a future oriented ecological and economical textile production.

Winnitex was family-founded in Hong Kong in 1964 and is a leading manufacturer of dyed woven fabrics. Winnitex has already developed fabrics with this sustainable softener from CHT. They are available now in our newest fabric collections. Please contact your Winnitex sales representative for more information.

Winnitex's Editorial Team

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