February 7, 2023

Winnitex Engages in Water Project to Bring Clean Water to Impoverished Communities

Winnitex announces its participation in the Water Project, a non-profit initiative that provides clean water to disadvantaged communities in regions such as sub-Saharan Africa and Pakistan.

Winnitex is the leader in the global manufacturing of premium woven textile fabrics. The family-found business began in 1964 in Hong Kong with 50 employees. Today, Winnitex employs 3,000+ people around the world. Winnitex is committed to excellence and achieves this with a fabric production process that can be traced back to the raw material source.

Winnitex places a strong emphasis on responsible and ethical textile production. Holding certifications like ISO 14001 Environmental Management Systems, SA8000 Social Accountability International, GRS (Global Recycle Standard), and GOTS (Global Organic Textile Standard), the company follows a number of key policies, including its Raw Material Policy, Carbon Leadership Project, Code of Conduct, Restricted Substance List, and Safe PFAS-Free Finishings Policy.

The Water Project seeks to address the critical issue of poor water and sanitation in developing nations, where it is responsible for the majority of illnesses. To date, the project has funded 17 initiatives aimed at providing clean drinking water to communities in need in sub-Saharan Africa through drilling and rainwater catchment systems.

Source: The Water Project

In 2020, the Water Project supported two initiatives that provided clean drinking water to 1,361 students and faculty members at primary schools. The Water Project has raised more than $58,000 to date. This year, the Water Project has announced that they will be supporting clean water projects in communities in Pakistan.

Winnitex is proud to support the Water Project.

"We are honored to support the Water Project, and we encourage others to donate as well," said Mr. Neville Tang, Winnitex’s Corporate Social Responsibility Manager.

Further information about the initiative can be found on the Water Project page.

Winnitex's Editorial Team
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