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Enabling responsible And Transparent TEXTILE Supply chains

Welcome to Winnitex Group - the leading global manufacturer of high-quality woven textile fabrics.

Vertical Integration for Full Control Over the Fabric Production Process

Winnitex has complete control of yarn quality, and can trace our products back to the raw material source, enabling you to be fully transparent and confident about your products.
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Having complete control over yarn quality allows Winnitex to continuously expand, improve and innovate our product offerings.
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Winnitex's weaving mills can design and engineer starting from greige to produce high-performance fabrics.
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Dyeing & Finishing

Over 27,000 styles of fabrics have been designed and produced, each with a variety of dyeing and finishing techniques.

Upholding the Highest Standards

As part of our commitment to responsible manufacturing, Winnitex emphasizes social responsibility, environmental and chemical management.

Traceability is critical for us. Each of our fabrics' raw materials can be traced back to their source.

A wide range of high-quality Fabrics

Unique and tailored fabric solutions for a wide variety of uses. Have special requests? Customized products are available based on your preferences.

About Winnitex Group


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As a family-found business, Winnitex began in 1964 in Hong Kong with 50 employees. Today, Winnitex employs over 3,000 people globally, providing dyed woven fabrics to customers around the world.  With production facilities strategically located in China, Vietnam and Central America, Winnitex is a global leader in the dyed woven fabric industry.
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Behind the Scenes

Experience our design and development capabilities, our quality control protocols, and our mission in action across our three production sites.

From Idea to Full Collection

Our full service fabric collection development process allows for creativity and experimentation, bringing your ideas to life.
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Idea & Design

Develop styles that are ahead of the market, pushing the limits of what you thought was possible, while blending new and exciting trend and technical innovations.
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Research & Development

Extensive R&D experience and well-established relationships with material suppliers, we are able to provide the latest innovations that support ESG criteria.
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With three manufacturing locations, we can meet your requirements in large quantities, from around the world.

More than Fabrics

Our fabrics can be customized and tailored to your exact specifications, becoming an extension of your design and development departments.

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