• Integrated Spinning
    State of the art spinning mill has multiple spinning systems that can spin differentiated yarns. Innovation starts from yarn design.
  • Advanced Weaving
    Ingenious weaving mill design with high efficiency and high output looms. Looms are capable of many weaves and can produce quick sampling.
  • Dyeing
    Multiple continuous dyeing lines provide great flexibility and on time delivery. Automatic dyestuff/chemical dispensing units and modern machineries ensure precision and quality products.
  • Finishing
    Much emphasis is placed on the look, feel and function of the finished fabric. The wide array of finishing available ensures that all our customer needs are met.
Innovative Textiles
Striving for new, advanced and original fabrics is hard-grained in our culture. We understand the market and understand the aesthetic needs of our customers. Our development team is able to quickly translate concepts into sample yardages. Winnitex can keep up with the speed because we heavily invest in research so when new ideas are presented, we are able to quickly respond and execute.
Performance Textiles
Research and production of functional fabrics is another focus at Winnitex. This area focuses on the science and the performance of fabrics. Precision design and manufacturing is required to meet rigorous requirements and standards.